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Geeks On A Beach (GOAB) is an international conference for everyone who is passionate about startups, technology, design, and making the world a better place. GOAB aims to bring together tech heroes and innovators in a challenging and collaborative atmosphere.

The first GOAB last September 26-27, 2013 in Boracay Island was epic! It gathered a crowd of 339 geeks with 17 countries. 42 speakers blew our minds away and the conference got an overall rating of 9.5 out of 10. In other words it was AWESOME!

The legacy continues with this year’s GOAB highlighting the “Startup Roadmap Beyond ASEAN 2015”. It will be held at the diving Mecca of the south, Mactan Cebu, Philippines on August 21-22, 2014.

Geeks On A Beach is organized by GOAB is powered by and the creative genius behind it is Happy Garaje. We are the people behind Startup Weekend Cebu, Startup Weekend Davao, Cebu ON3 Startup Pitching Competition and other events in the Philippines -- “All of which help educate, support and empower people to become entrepreneurs”. is a non-profit, independent community of technology, business and startup enthusiasts. We are bound together by our interest in technology and the advocacy of developing technopreneurs as a contribution to the country’s economic growth. provides opportunities for training and empowering the grassroots community with the right resources to become more globally competitive and implement industry best practices. was founded by Tina Amper, who returned to her hometown in the Philippines in 2012 after having worked abroad for many years. TT founding members include Tech Entrepreneurs Mark John Buenconsejo, David Overton, among others. TT chapters are located in Cebu, Bohol, Davao, Iloilo and other cities in the Philippines.

Well, Geeks On A Plane is the inspiration for Geeks On A Beach. Can you tell? Hahaha! Don’t worry, we had previously alerted Dave McClure of our plans to take GOAP to the beach! And, he said “a-ok”. As they say, “non-originality is the highest form of flattery” :D Our thanks to Dave and GOAP crew for their indulgence.

There will be talks by hand-picked speakers from different sectors of the startup and technology scene. We will also have panel discussions, networking events, fire pitches, film showings, and our inaugural geek games. Of course, Geeks On A Beach will also be a great opportunity to network with like minded geeks and have fun at the beach with activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing, swimming, island hopping, and others.

    Over US$400 worth of goodies including...
  • US $55 (~2,500 Php) discount coupon from for housing
  • US $149 from AWS Amazon Web Services ($100 web credits and a free one month developer support worth $49)
  • T-shirt and other merchandise from the Islands Group
  • All-you-can-eat buffet lunch on August 21 and 22 from a 5-star hotel plus morning and afternoon snacks!
  • Chance to win FREE boat tickets from 2GO Shipping (Round trip Cebu-Manila, Cebu-Bohol and vice versa)
  • US $5,000 worth of Azure Cloud Credits and FREE Microsoft Bizspark for 30 Philippine Startups.
  • Priceless learning and networking opportunities from many industry speakers from around the world
  • Participate in side-events and meet like-minded people
  • More giveaways and discounts that are sure to come!
  • Note: Housing and Airfare are not included in the registration fee. But, we have discounted rates, email us at

You absolutely can arrive early and leave later. Mactan has more than a dozen beach resorts which boasts of its pristine waters and beautiful white sand beaches. It also have numerous resorts with complete diving facilities for the avid diver or beginner. Who wouldn’t want to stay a little bit longer and enjoy the white powdery sand beaches, the sun, and the parties? Email us at if you need help with arranging travel and accommodations. Or, if you’d like to travel to other sites in the Philippines.

August 21 is the day! Mark your calendar! If you come early, join us for a Welcome Cocktail Reception on August 20 at 6pm onwards. Agenda is in the works. If you want to come just indicate on your eventbrite registration form so we can count you in. More details coming soon!

Yes, you will receive an electronic certificate of participation after the event. ;)

Yes, you will have time to enjoy the beach and other activities on the island! We are not holding the conference in Mactan Cebu just to sit down and listen to someone talk all day. ;) If you want more time to hang out, again, you are free to arrive in the island earlier or leave later. Email us at if you have questions or need help arranging travel and accommodations.

Sure! Invite your friends! If they want to listen to the talks and participate in the event, just make sure that they register, too :) You can even bring your spouse or significant other! They can enjoy a massage in the spa, go strolling by the beach or enjoy shopping while you meet with other geeks. Maybe after indulging in the beautiful tropical life you might also want to consider another honeymoon after the event. ;)

Hassle-free way? Email us and we’ll arrange everything for you. We have partnered with an international travel agency to help you get to GOAB. Email your requirements to Don’t worry, we can take care of all your travel needs so you can arrive safe and sound in GOAB. We can also help you with side trips if you’d like to visit other awesome places in the Philippines (Palawan to see World Heritage sights, Siargao for surfing, Cebu/Dumaguete/others for diving, etc.) chapters are also available in other Philippine cities if you wanna hang out, give-back, or hack with other tech/startup communities.

From international destinations:

  • a) Fly to Mactan Cebu International (CEB) airport
  • b) 15- minute taxi ride to Movenpick Hotel
  • a) Fly in to Manila (MNL)
  • b) Take a smaller plane to Mactan Cebu International (CEB) airport
  • c) 15-minute taxi ride to Movenpick Hotel
From within the Philippines
By boat or airplane to Mactan Cebu.

Weather forecast in Mactan Cebu for August is around 24 to 30 degrees celsius (75 to 86 degrees fahrenheit). We can control our weight but not the weather! So, think positive and get ready with some sunscreen and sunglasses!

We will be posting the agenda soon so you will know what to wear depending on our activity. But definitely you’re gonna be rubbing elbows with other startup founders, investors, media representatives, and other interesting people in the startup scene from all over the world so wear something beach-friendly, comfortable, and presentable at the same time.

Oh course! We prepared images of different sizes that you can choose from. You can get them here.

If you have other questions, email us at . See you in Mactan Cebu!