Geeks On A Plane is coming to Manila! + GOAB + GOAP unite for an amazing 2 hour event

Geeks on a Plane

We'd like to announce Innovantage, as the GOAP Geeks' Favorite Startup Team. Congratulations!

After a long deliberation, 10 startups have been picked and emails have been sent!

Congratulations to the following startups:

  • Peekawoo
  • Tactiles
  • Innovantage
  • Booky
  • Go Fucking Do It
  • MobKard
  • Adarna Digital
  • Startup led by Shusuke Ishimoto
  • Tambio
  • GoodooF

10 startups have been selected by the GOAP Geeks themselves to attend the Startup Geek Speed Dating event. Why? Because they want to hear more about your startup! Detailed instructions have already been sent to your emails.

For those startups who applied but didn't make the cut, thank you for applying! We are giving an opportunity for a limited amount of people to attend as observers. More details have been sent to your emails. Likewise, please don’t forget to RSVP in the button below so we can do our best to accommodate you.

RSVP as an observer for the event

We would also like to to thank the following sponsors

Without them this event would not be possible

For very generously allowing us to use their school as our venue.
For sponsoring in kind through snacks for all participants during the Startup Speed Dating Event.
For continuing to partner with us and introducing us to the United States Agency for International Development.

We can’t wait to meet you guys! Start practicing your pitches and do your homework. It’s going to be great!

About Geeks on a Plane

Khailee Ng enjoyed GOAB so much that he recommended organizer Tina Amper of to the GOAP team. He suggested that she become one of the advisors for their stopover in Manila. This is how we can give you this amazing 2 hour opportunity.

Organized by 500 Startups, Geeks on a Plane (#GOAP) is an invite-only tour for startups, investors, and executives to learn about high-growth technology markets worldwide. We travel by planes, trains, and automobiles to the most exciting international startup scenes with the sole mission of uniting geeks and exploring cross-border opportunities. The result: a lifelong bond with fellow travelers, a wealth of new friends and business contacts in exploding technology markets, and a stronger appreciation for the cultural and economic ties that bind us globally.​"

About AAAIM (Philippine Chapter)

The Alumni Association of the Asian Institute of Management, Inc. or AAAIM is a non-profit, non-stock organization composed of AIM graduates of degree and non-degree programs. The Philippine Chapter was established in 1981, with the objectives of 1) promoting the educational objectives of the Asian Institute of Management; 2) serving as a vehicle for the continuing management education of its members; 3) contributing to the economic development of Asia; 4) fostering camaraderie among its members, among others.

Now on its 32nd year, the AAAIM has been invigorated as the alumni are now recognized by the AIM Board of Trustees with a seat in its governing body. AAAIM undertakes various programs and projects to advance alumni interests and strengthen alumni engagement. AAAIM also supports significant AIM initiatives such as enrollment and placement support, AIM brand building, AIM events, and the Alumni Fundraising campaign for scholarships, infrastructure, research and development, and faculty development."